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The information herein is not intended as medical advice. We encourage critical evaluation of any information related to health… including what you find here or elsewhere, even (or perhaps especially) traditional medical sources. Your body and health are dependent on you making wise choices for your well being; nobody else has as much at stake as you do.



Colds & Flu

Diet & Nutrition: The Key to Health

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Breastfeeding – Best Nutrition for Baby

Kombucha (Tea of Immortality; The Elixir Of Life)

Microwave Cooking

Cardiovascular Health

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Vitamin C & Cancer

Vitamin D3 & Cancer



Dental Health

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About this Health, Healing & Wellness site

Allopathic (western) medicine is well marketed: its virtues are well publicized while its flaws rarely receive attention. As practiced in the United States and other western nations, "medical science" is akin to a religion: the faithful masses blindly entrust their health and lives to a belief system taken completely on faith; doctors are high priests whose words are seldom questioned by parishioners; pharmaceutical companies write the sacred texts from which the doctors read; the faith is evangelized to the "unenlightened".

This site is an eclectic repository of information relating to Health and Healing drawn from many different systems of medical knowledge, including "western medicine". We feel the value of "western medicine" has been over stated by those with commercial and political agendas, and that other systems of healing have not been given the credit they are due. Reading the information herein may make you more critical of your current health care system and show you alternatives which may prove to be very beneficial. Knowledge is power; we seek to empower individuals.

Important: The information you read herein is not professional medical advice nor is it tailored to your particular situation, condition or needs. While we encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own health and well being, it is perfectly reasonable and prudent to seek professional advice when the situation is serious, you are unable to resolve the situation yourself, or you lack adequate information to make an informed decision. The reader is further cautioned that the information and ideas herein may be controversial and scientifically unproven. We encourage critical evaluation of any information relating to your health, and that includes the information contained in our repository as well as traditional medical dogma. We cannot and do not assume responsibility for your health or well being.

This database contains much interesting and eclectic information on topics related to Health, Healing and Medicine. The intent of this database is to stimulate your thinking, expose you to new ideas and, hopefully, inspire you to regain control of your health.

Since you are technologically able to read this online text, it is likely that your system of health care is based on allopathic medicine (Western Medicine). While allopathic medicine has many achievements to be proud of, it is not as successful as we have been lead to believe. It also fails to help millions of people. The problems of allopathic medicine go far beyond the cost of the technology and the delivery of care. Allopathic medicine simply fails to heal many people, and in many instances can actually cause harm, disease and death. We shall examine the reasons for these failures and learn how to not become a victim of modern medicine. We will also learn how to promote health.

We encourage everyone to take an active role in their own health care. This means educating yourself in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles to stay healthy and disease free. If you have any ailments, it means understanding your illness and treatment options. Whether or not you choose to consult a health care professional should depend upon the seriousness of your condition and your knowledge of the disease and treatment. In other words, we are advocating common sense. We are writers and editors, not health care professionals. The information contained herein should not be construed as a medical prescription or advice. The reason we say this is because each situation is different. Though you may read about something which sounds very similar to your condition, there may be differences from your case. It is perfectly reasonable and prudent to seek professional advice when the situation is serious or you are unable to resolve the situation yourself. Delaying adequate treatment of a serious condition can cause permanent physical handicaps, including death.

The other side of this coin, however, is that certification by a government or an educational institution does not guarantee that the professional you seek advice from will be able to help you, or that they will not give you the wrong advice or cause you harm. Official sanction of a particular medical paradigm does not make it true. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is to be as knowledgeable as you can yourself, ask lots of questions, and make an informed decision.

In this database, you will find information from the fields of allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine and more. We will examine the psychological component of health and the mind-body link. We will also examine the problems of various medical disciplines, especially allopathic medicine. Our focus on the difficulties of western medicine is due to the fact that so many people blindly trust their lives and health to a system which has some serious flaws.


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