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"Turin Shroud"

By Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Copyright © 1994 by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Published by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN 0-06-017224-X

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Below is the publisher's blurb from the inside of the jacket cover of Turin Shroud:  

At last the mystery is solved . . .

The Turin Shroud. To many it is the holiest of Christianity's holy relics. The winding sheet of Christ. The cloth that his crucified body was wrapped in as he lay in the tomb, and which miraculously bears his image.

To millions it has been a mystery whose origin has been debated for hundreds of years. Is the Turin Shroud the winding sheet of Christ? Is it his image that appears on the cloth, and, if so, how did it come to appear there? How does one reconcile the carbon dating which shows the shroud to have originated around the fourteenth century? Or is the cloth a carefully constructed fraud? A fraud so ingeniously conceived that its creation has baffled experts from around the world.

Now, the true, shocking story of the Turin Shroud is revealed. In an investigation that is part detective story, part historical research and part scientific experiment, Turin Shroud reveals that the creator of the Shroud, and the man whose image appears on it, was actually one of the most brilliant and creative men the world has ever known -- Leonardo da Vinci. Turin Shroud also shows the ingenious and revolutionary technique da Vinci used to create the image, making the Shroud the world's first photograph.

But the image on the Shroud is only half the story. As the authors delve deep into the Shroud's mysterious history, they reveal its connection to one of the world's most secret societies. A powerful organization that has claimed as members some of the most important figures in European history and will stop at nothing to protect the Shroud.

Turin Shroud finally uncovers the secrets behind this great mystery and challenges some of the most fundamental views about our past, not only religious and artistic but also technological.

Lynn Picknett is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster. She edited the Macmillan Encyclopedia of the Paranormal. Clive Prince has been a systems analyst for a large nonprofit organization and is now a full-time writer. They were both members of the British Society for the Turin Shroud until they were expelled under controversial circumstances. They have been researching this book for more than six years.

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